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Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Canadian Flyfisher Magazine

The art of flyfishing

Fishing Double Rigs

Advanced Bass Fishing Magazine

Tactical Aerial View

Sportsman's Bowhunting Annual Magazine


Outdoor Canada Magazine's angling superhero comic strips

Field Guide

How-to style diagrams for Outdoor Canada's Field Guide Column.

Cut-through /Aerial view

Hunt Club Digest 

Lifting the Live Bait Ban

Illustration for BC Outdoors Magazine

Friday, March 6, 2009

Watch Your Savings Grow!

This was a pitch to create in-dealership displays and print collateral to help promote Ford's fuel efficient vehicles during 2008's tough time at the pumps. The theme was Jack and the Bean Stock - A focus on watching your savings grow. It featured a towering bean stock and storybook inspired design.  

Red leaves Kit

Riocan Investment Trust needed a property leasing kit to reflect their success in the Canadian market. The kit would consist of a binder with various tab pages and content inserts. It featured an elegant use of red maple leaves, revealing various retailers in a duotone color treatment, and earth tones with a combination of different finishes and paper selections. 

Plain fun!

Ipex Industrial Systems specializes in a complete pipe, valves and fittings system for a contractor's industrial needs. Most suppliers do not offer a complete system so contractors have no choice but to shop elsewhere for missing items, specifically valves. These two ads are a playful way of stressing the importance of buying your system of pipe, valves and fittings from one supplier - focussing on their valve offerings in particular. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More revisited

This is the splash page... View the recipe's page on my next post.

This is a microsite developed to ultimately sell more sauce in Canada. But it is positioned as place to get some hot new recipes for your next big game event. The present design features a bold and exciting look which was a refreshing revamp of their original design. I had wanted to pitch a few more ideas to the client but as usual time was of the essence and those ideas never made it to concept layout. One of those ideas was to borrow some of the old flavor from McIlhenny's first advertisements. In the following post you'll see the design I would have liked to use as a back up idea in our pitch. I took their old logo, textures and font treatments and added some attitude with the classic hotrod flame. I wonder what the client would have done with this one... And I wish it would have gone live looking like this. I like it! (see below)